Despite a wealth of art and music projects under his wing, the Transylvanian born producer Dracula Lewis remains something of a mystery online, even to those blogs that have loyally posted his tracks.

The last few years have been spent living in a Milan squat, creating art installations, running an illegal club and his working on his own label Hundebiss Records, turning out exquisitely crafted limited origami-packaged records featuring the music of such talents as James Ferraro, Hype Williams, Hair Police, Sewn Leather, Jaws and more.

But now Dracula Lewis’ own music comes into the spotlight. His output is one of deep listening, lo-fi aggressive electronics, field recordings and, way down in its core, an underlying melody and unexpected warmth.

As Fact put it, Dracula Lewis makes “expansive, pseudo-horror-flick music that oscillates between ethereal ambience and grinding, zombie-attack noise freakouts”. 

Whatever the words used to describe Dracula Lewis, there’s a dark magic and hypnotic allure to the distorted electronics, samples, chants & loops.

Dracula Lewis releases ‘Permafrost’ 12” / Digital EP on November 5, 2012 through Souterrain Transmissions and joins The Soft Moon on their European Tour.